The Metamorphosis of Selected Maranao Stories into Dances

Panaraag, Jiamila E. and Inte, Geldolin L. (2015) The Metamorphosis of Selected Maranao Stories into Dances. In: The Asian Conference on Literature & Librarianship 2015: Official Conference Proceedings.

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This study was designed to select four Maranao folk dances and identify folk stories where the selected folk dances are to have originated from. Since folk tradition is best transmitted orally, this study probed into another element in preserving folk tradition and that is through dance. The researchers looked into the different folk perspectives to understand how the society values their folk tradition. The study aimed specifically to answer the following questions: (1) What is the common folk perspective translated into story and dance in Maranao literature? (2) Which between the story and the dance is more embedded in the society? And (3) What are the thematic elements in the stories? The stories and dances collected were analyzed and observations of their transition and transformations were then used to generate the following findings: (1) the common folk perspective of the collected stories is about the their concept of pride and conversely, their sense of shame; (2) between the stories and the dances, the dances are more embedded in society meaning they are more known and practiced by the younger generation; and, (3) the stories collected and dances examined were found to have similar themes of pride and honor and their thematic elements do not vary greatly from each other.

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Additional Information: From "The Asian Conference on Literature & Librarianship 2015: Official Conference Proceedings". Authors from Capitol University, Philippines.
Uncontrolled Keywords: dance, dance criticism, epic literature, folk dance, folklore, Maranao
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