Barrio Fiesta Suite: "Himig Sa Nayon"

Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company, (2011) Barrio Fiesta Suite: "Himig Sa Nayon". Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company.

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Page in the website of "Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company."––The Philippine countryside is a land bestowed with endless beauty. It is thought of by many as the true Philippines. Small wonder why the dances of the rural farmers that inhabit these areas are the most famous of all Filipino dances. After a hard day's work, the rural people gather in their barrios and would perform many impromptu and lively dances as a form of relaxation. These dances personify the many joys of work, of the surroundings, and of life among the simple country people.

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Additional Information: Created in March of 2003, the Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company was formed by dance enthusiasts that enjoy the beauty of Filipino folk dance. Following the statement of Philippine national artist and folk dance research pioneer Francisca Reyes-Aquino, "Let folk dances be as they are - of the folk. We can not sacrifice heritage for progress," Hiyas strives to present Filipino folk dance in its most traditional form in an era where authentic steps and movements are modernized or forgotten. The word hiyas (pronounced hee-yahs) means "jewel" or "gem," referring to how its members truly treasure Philippine folk arts and culture. Hiyas is proudly a part of the Filipino Youth Coalition, a nonprofit organization geared toward cultural awareness among Filipino youth in the South Bay San Jose, CA, USA.
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