Injuries and Injury Management among Dancesport Competitors

Portugalete, Teresita E. (2012) Injuries and Injury Management among Dancesport Competitors. Masters thesis, West Visayas State University.

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This descriptive research aimed to determine the injuries encountered and injury management techniques employed by DanceSport competitors in the province of Iloilo, who had been competing for at least three years. The participants of the study were 50 purposively selected DanceSport competitors taken as an entire group and classified as to Modern Standard and Latin-American categories. A duly validated researcher-made checklist was used in the study. Employing the mean, findings revealed that Modern Standard and Latin-American competitors mostly encountered common injuries like stiff neck, herniated disc at cervical, hamstring muscle injury, and posterior tibial tendonitis. The least encountered injuries were sciatica pain and calf strain. Moreover, the Latin-American and Modern Standard DanceSport competitors included in the present study also employed common management techniques for their injuries. These comprised warming up the neck, shoulder, back, hip and thigh, calf and shin, and ankle and foot before doing an activity, staying fit and exercising to keep the muscles of the neck, shoulder and back were also employed as well as, taking relative rest, maintaining the position that provide comfort, and cooling down after the activity. The Mann Whitney U test results revealed no significant differences in the injury management of the neck, back, hip and thigh, calf and shin, and ankle and foot region among the competitors. However, a significant difference was noted in common injuries encountered among the Latin-American competitors in shoulder region. Inferential statistics was set at .05 alpha.

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