On Bliss and Blues: Restaging Experiences of Folk Dance Trainers

Devera, Natalie S. and Ecuben, Glicy Beth F. and Patnongon, Kristine Joy E. (2017) On Bliss and Blues: Restaging Experiences of Folk Dance Trainers. Other thesis, West Visayas State University.

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This study was conducted to discuss the restaging experiences of folk dance trainers from State Universities and Colleges in Iloilo. This qualitative study utilized a narrative inquiry approach. Five folk dance trainers of State Universities and Colleges served as informants of the study. They were purposively selected due to their active participation in restaging folk dances. Data were gathered with the use of one-on-one interview. A duly validated interview guide constructed by the researchers was used during the interview. The gathered data were transcribed, summarized, and interpreted. The findings revealed that the trainers view folk dance restaging as an avenue for using dance elements and a way to emphasize its principles. They also stressed that restaging is about giving life to dance and giving meaning by putting aesthetics into it. The informants have also faced different challenges on and off stage. They also shared their significant experiences that made them bold and brave in becoming sensible folk dance trainers. They also stressed out their insights on how they developed trust in themselves and to their materials. They also figured out thrown patterns of rehearsals. Furthermore, they explained about being positive in all aspects like embracing the positive side of restaging. They stressed out that they also need someone's experience or ideas to gain more knowledge in restaging. They believed that folk dance trainers take it as an inspiration or a guiding light to produce good restaging. Contentment and satisfaction have also been their gained insight.... [Partial abstract.]

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Uncontrolled Keywords: dance, folk dance, dance education, Iloilo, dance instruction
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