Documenting La Paloma: Foregrounding Dance Literature Information

Geneta, Ellen Grace D. and Lanaria, Tiffany Claire B. and Madahan, Freddie B. and Mallorca, Paulyn A (2016) Documenting La Paloma: Foregrounding Dance Literature Information. Other thesis, West Visayas State University.

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This qualitative study brought to light vital information on the unpublished folk dance of Mina, Iloilo named La Paloma. Using oral history, the study described the characteristics of the dance La Paloma and its relevance to the culture of Mina, Iloilo. The pool of information shared by the key informants Junito Subano, Choleng, Eremni, Enrique, and Soledad who were purposively selected for the study were triangulated through interview, artifacts, and observation-demonstration. The concepts of social constructionism and collective memory provided scientific foundation on the thematic analysis of the data. The findings revealed that La Paloma means "Dove" or "Pating" in Hiligaynon. This lively dance mimics the courtship behaviors of both male and female doves manifested during mating season. It is used to be danced during barrio fiestas and other social gathering in Mina, Iloilo. The costume for boys are camisa de chino, off white trousers or blue pants. On the other hand, girls wear off white blouse with long bell sleeves and skirt with tapis. The music of La Paloma is divided into 4 parts: introduction, music A, B, and C. Its count patterns are 1 and 2 and, 1 and 2, and 1, 2, 3 to a measure. Furthermore, aside from its characteristics, La Paloma presents eight figures baring intended characterization that Minanhons and movement learners should understand for better execution.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: dance, folk dance, Iloilo, La Paloma
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