Señor Santo Niño Devotees' Lived Experiences in a Fluvial Parade

Ibones, Norly and Oliverio, Janryl and Ondo, Harryl Jay and Tagpuno, Hera Filipina and Inocian, Reynaldo (2016) Señor Santo Niño Devotees' Lived Experiences in a Fluvial Parade. Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 4 (2). 180 - 187.

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The study intended to divulge the Señor Santo Niño devotees’ lived experiences in a fluvial parade as a component of the celebration of Cebu City’s Sinulog Festival. This utilized a phenomenological studies design of the respondents’ narratives on their lived experiences in the Sinulog Fluvial Parade. A bracketing process was adapted to separate the researcher’s perspective from the respondents’ lived experiences. Fluvial Parade espoused a significant celebration in the lives of the many devotees of Señor Santo Niño. Emotional bliss and peace of mind are evident in their faces as they welcomed Señor Santo Niño in his coming through his short voyage. They come to witness this event as a means of taking part in the celebration, expressing their gratitude to all the blessings, good health and many opportunities they have received, self-commitment and strong devotion to the child Jesus Christ. Fluvial parade showcased the Cebuano faith and tradition i.e. uniquely animistic and ritualistic Filipino. Señor Santo Niño symbolized as the giver of strength and the source of support among the devotees. As a whole, fluvial parade epitomized love, peace and unity, which heaved the Cebuanos to unconditional faith, as loyal devotees of the Holy Child Jesus. It is recommended that organizers of the annual fluvial parade will retain the best features of the celebration and will continue to find better ways to improve or disseminate information for wider participation and preservation of this unique Cebuano Christian heritage.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: cultural performance criticism, Catholicism, Cebu, Sinulog, Santo Niño, cultural performance
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