The Genius of Basilio

Sevilla, Lina O. (1986) The Genius of Basilio. Manila Times.

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A review of Muling Pagsilang, music by Ramon P. Santos, premiered at Puerta Real in Intramuros. The ballet honored Loretta Lichauco whose soldier-husband was then recently killed in an encounter. Where the earlier ballet Misa Filipina fused the figures of Marcial Bonifacio/Ninoy Aquino/Christ, here it is Woman/Cory Aquino. "Basilio inspires our pen for nothing in his work is lifeless. It is because of Filipino artists like Basilio that we were inspired to envision that ‘stretch’ of harmonious distances line on line in our country’s artistic horizon. Such are Basilio’s insights on the perfection and magnificence of Art (yes, art with a capital A!). His creation depict(s) well-kept gardens of aesthetic hedonism and horizontal vistas of man’s culture and fate. His work is fully attractive from beginning to end, even the after-images it leaves of the enforced but creative use of Time, the serene play of powerful emotions amid 20th century bustle and terror. As with Basilio, genius can speak at anytime and the entire world will hear and listen."

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