Reading Nation (Nacion/Patria/Pueblo/Bayan/Bahley) in the Philippine 20th Century Zarzuelas for the 21st Century

Patajo-Legasto, Priscelina (2010) Reading Nation (Nacion/Patria/Pueblo/Bayan/Bahley) in the Philippine 20th Century Zarzuelas for the 21st Century. Philippine Humanities Review, 11. pp. 187-276. ISSN 0031-7802

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The problematique of this research is to re-cover and understand the concept of nation (French patrie; Spanish nacion, patria, pueblo) or its coeval terms in the Philippine languages (Tagalog Filipinas, bayan/Inang Bayan; Pangasinan dalin Filipinas, dalin ya ninakan ko or land of my birth, luyag or province, and bahley or town), as well as, related concepts like naciones, nacionalidades, nacionales, nacionalismo, nacionalista, revolucion, independiencia, progreso, kalayaan; Pangasinan kabahleyan mi (our townmates), and aligwas (progress), found in the social discourses of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, to see whether or not these concepts were articulated through the twentieth century zarzuelas; and to suggest that the radical tradition of these twentieth century zarzuelas can be made relevant/be recuperated for the Filipinos of the twenty-first century in the age of globalization.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Special Issue on the Komedya and Sarsuwela
Uncontrolled Keywords: Bulacan, Manila, Pangasinan, sarsuwela, theatre, theatre criticism, zarzuela
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