Skirting the Center, Centering the Margins: Part One – Koronadal

Villaruz, Basilio Esteban S. (2015) Skirting the Center, Centering the Margins: Part One – Koronadal. Runthru Magazine.

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When I delivered a paper in a conference in Koronadal in August, in a Unesco-linked festival of the Council International of Folklore Festivals (CIOFF), I was moved to assert that all our used languages in the Philippines are national. To begin with, most of those who settled in Koronadal came from “elsewhere,” and brought their outside-language to sit beside that of an other. By being there, the more I got to understand that what language means: to both native dwellers and migrant outsiders. The awareness is two-edged: meaningful among one’s kind, and/or discriminating against others.

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